GYPSY ROAD is the story of a man–er… minotaur–named Bo, the creator and lead developer of an outrageously successful MMO, called Endless. Bo has decided to leave his comfortable life behind in order to hit the road in search of freedom. The story is a character-driven exploration of life and the special mundane moments that are usually ignored thanks to the high-paced tendencies of modern society.

Writer/Letters: Nuno XEI
Artist: Emmanuel Xerx Javier

Written in 2012, Released Online 2013 © XEI

LONE STRANGER features a stranded alien cowboy as he tries to find himself a place to call home, but of course, trouble comes a-knockin. This 8-page comic was done as an experiment using different toned paper during the art process.

Writer/Tones: Nuno XEI
Artist: Emmanuel Xerx Javier
Letters: Thomas Mauer

Written in 2010, Released Online 2013 © XEI

A webcomic series that captures the spirit of the silver age. The LEAGUE OF AQUATIC HEROES are a band of sea adventurers who are committed to keeping the oceans clear of hostilities. In a world where most heroes are busy protecting 1/3 of the Earth’s surface, someone has to be left in charge of the remaining 2/3rds! The team consists of the following:

  • Kraken, a focused strategist and psionic team leader;
  • Boston Crab, an eager shape alteration coral anomaly;
  • Orca, a loyal sonic blasting sea-robot;
  • Swordfish, an agile finesse fighting mermaid swashbuckler;
  • Blowfish, a regenerating mutant quill generating thrillseeker;
  • Sea Squall, a pseudo-god of the oceans!

Together they stand for what’s right and true all across the Seven Seas!

Writer/Letters: Nuno XEI
Artist: Nikola Temkov

Written/Released Online in 2009-2010, © XEI