Timeline Update (Aug 17, 2022): RAVEN NEVERMORE Volume 3: Survival

Plans to print RAVEN NEVERMORE Volume 3 are moving forward, outside crowdfunding platforms.

I learned a lot about every step of the process. This increased my confidence around planning, final print design, order management, record keeping, and finally the distribution process.

One thing I established early on in the crowdfunding process, was to establish a timeline. It didn’t have to be perfect, but it had to be something I felt was attainable.

With each Campaign, I got better at evaluating how much buffer room was needed for each part of the final process. Unforeseen delays are always possible, but as long as the timeline was transparent and clear, it was a benchmark that kept things progressing forward, and kept Backers in the loop.

Even now, outside crowdfunding, I’d like to keep that process going. It benefits early Backers–cough… Pre-Orderers?!–I feel like I’ll always think of people who support independent work as “Backers” now. Patrons of the Arts. True Believers…

  •  August 5 – Get Domain Name; Build Website Storefront; Integrate Paypal Shopping Cart [DONE] 
  •  August 16  Final design, bonus content added [DONE] 
  •  August 26 – Printer receives files; pre-press approved [AHEAD OF SCHEDULE] 
  •  September 9 – Print production complete
  •  September 20 – Books shipped to me
  •  September 28 – Packaging completed
  •  October 7 – Packages dropped off at distribution center