Timeline Update (SEP 23, 2022): RAVEN NEVERMORE Volume 3: Survival

RAVEN NEVERMORE Volume 3: Survival has arrived!

I got a bit worried about the timeline when the book production got delayed, followed by two delays in the delivery estimate, by the printer, but thankfully the timeline buffer was just about right and we’re only three days off the mark!

Digital order are being fulfilled. Packaging will begin this weekend. Distribution target date should also be on track (if not earlier).

  •  August 5 – Get Domain Name; Build Website Storefront; Integrate Paypal Shopping Cart [DONE; Now replaced with Shopify storefront] 
  •  August 16  Final design, bonus content added [DONE] 
  •  August 26 – Printer receives files; pre-press approved [DONE] 
  • August 26 – Setup a new Shopify storefront [NEW GOAL; DONE]
  • September 3 – Officially launch Shopify storefront: xeishop.com [DONE]
  •  September 9 – Print production complete [DONE]
  •  September 20 – Books shipped to me [DONE]
  •  September 28 – Packaging completed [PENDING]
  •  October 7 – Packages dropped off at distribution center