Timeline Update (SEP 3, 2022): RAVEN NEVERMORE Volume 3: Survival

Checking back in, for the first time officially outside of a Kickstarter Update, at this new website, which will be used for me to delivery general updates and blogs. There’s something about taking things back to the “old school” ways of doing things that is a bit exciting, not gonna lie.

The big update this time around is that the official launch of the Shopify storefront for XEI comics and books is launched! You can check it out at xeishop.com!

The best part about using Shopify is the flexibility it provides with a single shop listing being able to offer “variants”. With this feature, I was able to add digital PDF options, but also list back stock issues that are less than “near mint” condition, at a reduced cost.

I’m even offering “reading copy” versions at an even lower rate–assuming the buyer doesn’t care about bags and boards or dings and dents!

I’ve got multiple stacks of books I would never have shipped to crowdfunding Backers. I was honestly wondering how I was going to unload them. This is a perfect option for those looking to support, and read, the series at a significantly lower cost!

Here’s to hoping there are no delays at the printer and/or the shipping process! I strongly suspect production will start by mid next week (Sept 7).

THANK YOU to those that have pre-ordered, using the temporary Paypal infrastructure on this site! Your contributions help significantly offset the upfront production costs for Volume 3. I’m very grateful for all of you, and those who (I hope) will flow over to the official XEI Shop over the next month or so!

  •  August 5 – Get Domain Name; Build Website Storefront; Integrate Paypal Shopping Cart [DONE; Now replaced with Shopify storefront] 
  •  August 16  Final design, bonus content added [DONE] 
  •  August 26 – Printer receives files; pre-press approved [DONE] 
  • August 26 – Setup a new Shopify storefront [NEW GOAL; DONE]
  • September 3 – Officially launch Shopify storefront: xeishop.com [DONE]
  •  September 9 – Print production complete [PENDING]
  •  September 20 – Books shipped to me
  •  September 28 – Packaging completed
  •  October 7 – Packages dropped off at distribution center