Timeline Update (NOV 15, 2022): RAVEN NEVERMORE Volume 3: Survival

RAVEN NEVERMORE Volume 3: Survival has been shipped out!

Progress got delayed, during most of October, due to multiple disruptions, that extended the projected timeline by 4 weeks. Sorry about the delay!

Based on past shipments, US/Canada orders should arrive by late-November, International orders should arrive by early December.

  • August 5 – Get Domain Name; Build Website Storefront; Integrate Paypal Shopping Cart [DONE; Now replaced with Shopify storefront] 
  •  August 16  Final design, bonus content added [DONE] 
  •  August 26 – Printer receives files; pre-press approved [DONE] 
  • August 26 – Setup a new Shopify storefront [NEW GOAL; DONE]
  • September 3 – Officially launch Shopify storefront: xeishop.com [DONE]
  •  September 9 – Print production complete [DONE]
  •  September 20 – Books shipped to me [DONE]
  •  September 28 – Packaging completed [DONE]
  •  October 7 – Packages dropped off at distribution center [DONE]